Quiet Market Finally Speaks Up

The streak is over. Last Friday, U.S. stocks ended their streak of trading within the narrow range. Prior to Friday’s decline of -2.5% (Source: Yahoo! Finance), the S&P 500 Index went 43 trading days without moving up or down 1% in a single trading day. Since 1990, there were only 12 other time periods where the S&P 500 traded within this narrow range for 30 days or more.

In the prior 12 narrow range periods, only one of them experienced a negative return and most of them posted moderate gains. Returns following these low volatility periods weren’t too troublesome, so moving from periods of low volatility to higher volatility shouldn’t be a concern on the surface. After periods of low volatility, one-month average returns were essentially flat and three-month average returns we up 1.7%.

While every streak starts and ends for different reasons, these rare occurrences don’t have much significance to investors past the media appeal.

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