Bellatore History

Based in San Jose, California, Bellatore Financial, Inc. was founded in 2007. As a turnkey asset management provider, we offer services and strategies that help independent financial advisors place their clients in the best position to achieve their goals.

Born out of dissatisfaction with existing options, Bellatore was built from the ground up to deliver exceptional service and support. We are guided by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals and an Investment Committee that includes three widely-recognized experts: Harry M. Markowitz, the Nobel Prize-winning founder of Modern Portfolio Theory, behavioral finance expert Meir Statman, and risk management expert Sanjiv Das.

Bellatore is committed to delivering robust investment programs and knowledge leadership. In 2008, Bellatore expanded our investment program menu by acquiring Capital Allocation & Management.

At Bellatore, we realize that every advisor is distinct. That’s why we developed a business model to meet an advisor’s needs at different stages. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you reach the next level of success.