Get Paid What You Are Worth

Tired of servicing your clients for only 12b-1 trails?
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If you are interested in transitioning from being a salesperson to a fee-based financial advisor, we help make the transition process simple and easy. We take care of all the back office and investment essentials, so you can focus on delivering the high-value advice you clients demand. Best of all, your clients get their planning needs met and you are paid properly for your time and effort.

In fact, we specialize in helping advisors with more than $10 million in direct mutual fund business convert to custom fee-based models. We bring the people, philosophy and process you need for a successful transition.

Let us show you a new way to go fee-based. We offer advisors a way to:

  • Keep your best investment ideas while reducing portfolio risk
  • Meet your client demands for detailed financial planning
  • Get paid what you are worth…increase your revenue by up to 4 times!

To find out how to potentially increase your revenue by up to 4 times while increasing both your and your investor’s satisfaction, contact us today.